Elizabeth Daniels-Currey
When I came to California in 1978, I knew no one and I did not have a regular doctor. I had been studying alternative medicine/healing since high school and when I was 28, I went to an herbalist in Redondo Beach. She was also an Iridologist. An Iridologist sees the eyes as ‘windows’ into the body’s state of health. What she was able to see about my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual constitution, gave her a guide to treat the weaknesses I was suffering from since childhood and had collected along my life journey, to that point. Her insights helped lead me into a healthier life and into a healer’s lifestyle that I’ve been following ever since.

I have spent my lifetime since then, training; through workshops, videos, extensive research and reading and by working with fellow healers on massage techniques. I’ve taken professional aromatherapy and herbal workshops with Nature’s Sunshine and Young Living Oils, to add the natural and organic uses of both herbs and oils in my work.

I have learned to listen to my body, to my heart and mind. I’ve learned to seek the help I need either from my oils, herbs, flower essences and other healing therapies when necessary. I have incorporated chiropractic, acupuncture, Reiki, massage, Bowen therapy, energy healing, reflexology, physical exercise, yoga, organic and raw foods, as well as emotional and spiritual counseling in my daily practice of health care.

I have found what works and when for myself. Some issues may take me a tad longer, but I’ve always found a way to clear myself of any discomfort and disease. The work I’ve done on myself helps me to help others do the same. I also have found that if we make room to simplify with intention in our daily lives, we are happier and healthier in all aspects of our life.

For me, the way to becoming who I am and what I do has been a journey paved with so many wonderful people and so much wisdom.


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